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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."  Harry Stanley Haskins

Daring Way™ and Counseling Services in Boise

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling 

What happens in the first session and what can I expect from counseling?  During your first session, Julie will review your intake paperwork, review informed consent and disclosure, and discuss the counseling process and expectations. You will talk about the reasons you are in counseling. You and Julie together will develop a plan to resolve the issues that brought you to counseling. Many clients feel a sense of relief after the first session. Counseling can be hard work and sometimes clients feel distressed after the initial feelings of relief. This is expected as change is often times uncomfortable and distressing feelings are a normal part of change. You can expect to be respected, heard, and valued.

How long does counseling take? This is a great question. How long it takes depends on what concerns you want to work on, how in depth you want to address the concerns, how much the problems impact you, and for how long they have been bothering you. Some clients come in for 4-6 sessions to consult on a very specific concern, address solutions to less complex problems, or for support with maintaining existing coping skills. Other clients wanting to learn new skills, styles of communication or interaction, or with multiple concerns may come in for 12-15 sessions or more over three to six months.  Other clients continue to get benefit from longer term counseling and will come for a year or longer. Typically longer term clients benefit from the structure counseling provides, the emotional support, or maintaining new skills in different environments or in different relationships. 

When will I know when I am finished with counseling?  You will be finished with counseling when you have reached the goals you set for yourself and are able to maintain the changes without counseling support. Though you and Julie will discuss when to end counseling, it is always up to you to determine when you are finished.  Many clients finish counseling and then return at another time for a 'tune-up' or to address new concerns.   

Do you accept insurance?  Julie Myers, LCPC is an in-network provider for Select Health only. You are responsible for any co-pays or co-insurance payments at the time of your session. Your insurance coverage is based on a contract between you and your insurance company and payment to your provider is not guaranteed. If for any reason your insurance company denies the claim for services, you are responsible for full payment to Julie Myers, LCPC. Julie is also an "Out-of-Network" provider for many insurance companies. You are encouraged to call your insurance company prior to your first appointment to verify your coverage, if your deductible has been met, and what benefits you may expect. The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ Groups are not be eligible for insurance reimbursement.  Please contact Julie with any questions about this.

Is counseling totally private?  State laws and ethical codes require that your counselor keep your information private and confidential. However, there are some exceptions that require your counselor to disclose some information about you. These exceptions are as follows:  if your counselor suspects abuse, neglect or abandonment of a child or vulnerable adult, if your counselor believes you are in imminent danger of seriously harming yourself or others, if you sign a release of confidential information giving permission for your counselor to communicate with another provider (coordinate care with your doctor for example), or there is a court order (from the judge) requiring the counselor to disclose information in a legal proceeding. Additionally, if you choose to use your insurance or Employee Assistance Program benefits to pay for counseling, then Julie may be required to provide confidential information about you to them.  

Any additional questions?  Please feel free to contact Julie Myers, LCPC at 208-908-0582 if you have any other questions.  She will return your call as soon as possible to get your questions answered.