Julie currently practices in the Boise Counseling Center, a unique and personalized office, which has a wide offering of counseling services for clients. The Boise Counseling Center office is located at 2500 W Kootenai St on The Bench.  It is easily accessible from downtown, east and south Boise and points west via I-84 or the connector. Julie is an associate in the Boise Counseling Center along with Steven Lanzet, and Victor Durnil.

Counseling and Daring Way™ Services in Boise

Julie Myers, LCPC, LLC                                                                      

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." Aristotle


I am currently seeing clients in my office and via telehealth.  Please contact me directly at 208-908-0582 or julie@boisecounselingctr.com to schedule an appointment.


"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves."  Viktor E Frankl

Counseling can help you feel better, experience healthier relationships, and get unstuck during the normal journey of life when you feel unsure and question what is right. The experience of counseling can help you reflect on and identify what you are thinking, clarify what you need, and remove barriers to moving forward so you feel happier more often. Counseling can help you experience life more fully, communicate more effectively,  and overcome problems that may seem insurmountable.  

Julie understands that counseling is a collaborative partnership with you as the guide to your own life. Her approach is engaging and straightforward, welcoming and affirming, and respectful and compassionate. Julie has the experience to help you identify key issues, build on goals, work through challenges, and make changes.